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Meaning: “worthy of praise” in Arabic. It is the name of the Prophet and founder of Islam. This is the most frequent name on the planet according to some sources. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is spelled Muhamed but in


In the Arabic language the name Muharem means: “sacred, forbidden, holy”. It is a boy name, more frequent among the older population of Bosnians.


Meaning: “dedicated himself to God”. Munib is a boy name from the Arabic language.


Munir is a Muslim boy name. In the Arabic language it means: “bright, shining”. Pronounced (moo-NEER).


It means: “wish, desire”. Murad is a male Muslim name of Arabic origin. A number of sultans in the Ottoman Empire wore this name.


Meaning: “he who leaves inheritance”. Muris is a boy name of Arabic origin.


Mustafa is a boy name originating from the Arabic language. It means “chosen”. This name is relatively common in Bosnia and the rest of the world.

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