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Most Bosnian names originate from the Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages because of Islam in Bosnia. However, not all Bosnians are Muslims and not all names in Bosnia are oriental. Some names come from Slavic mythology and Slavic languages.

If you are a Muslim you should know that a name for your baby does not need to be Muslim because there is no distinction between Muslim names and other names in the Qur’an. The only commandment you should obey according to the Qur’an is that a name for your child has to have a nice, pretty or pleasant meaning. So it could be any name with a nice meaning.

A couple of tips for naming your child:

  • universality (a good name sounds good in many different languages. Choose a universal name because you don’t know where your child is going to live)
  • combination (choose a name that sounds well with your surname. For example, long surnames go better with shorter names)
  • unusual names (this can be a great thing but it can also be a bad thing. If you’re going for an unusual name make sure it is at least easy to pronounce)

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